When we picked up Charlie, we drove home and parked it in the driveway for about a week while we moved stuff into it. That week the temperature dropped down into the twenties, and I worried every night that something would freeze. I had a light in the wet bay and, on the suggestion of someone at Tiffin that I had spoken to, I also put one behind the refrigerator to keep the ice maker from potentially freezing.

We got through that fine, and until last week or so had not thought about cold weather again the whole year.

Then we got our most recent cold snap. Knowing it was coming, I took all the precautions I knew of. I watched the RVGeeks video about surviving winter RV’ing¬†and got all the stuff I figured I would need. For the last day or two, we spent preparing, putting up Reflectix, wrapping hoses in aluminum foil, heat tape, and pipe insulation, and wrapping the water hookup and all my water gear with heat tape, fiberglass insulation and so on. We also got a small electric space heater to supplement the fireplace in the front and for the bedroom overnight.

So far so good. Between the fireplace and the space heater, things are staying relatively comfortable. We let the propane furnace go more in the evening by turning off the fireplace. I have been watching the temp in the wet bay via our outdoor temperature sensor. There is a trouble light out there as well with a temperature sensitive switch, and so far it has been hovering around 40-43 degrees.

It is supposed to get down around 20 degrees tonight. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

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