Living the dream…

our living room with the fire going

I have worked lots of places in lots of different jobs in my life. However, I cannot think of many places in which I have worked that I have enjoyed more than this place. On a cool, cloudy, rainy day, the fire going, the rain pinging off the roof…

When I get to talk to my boss I always ask how things are going for him, and he always says, “living the dream!” However, I know when he says that he doesn’t really mean it. I have heard many people use that expression, I have even said it myself. However, I do not think that most people really mean they are living their dream. I believe most of the time they are trying to be sarcastic or ironical.

Me, I do not say that anymore because I do not want to be mistaken when I say it. However, when I think about it I know that not only am I living my dream, I am living lots of other peoples dreams as well. Almost without fail when we talk to someone and tell them what we are doing they say that they wish they could do the same thing as well, or that it is their husband’s/wife’s dream to do something similar.

We would not have known what we were missing if we had said “no” to our dream, but that does not make the loss any less. Saying “yes” is a simple thing, but it isn’t easy. I am glad we gave ourselves permission to try.

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  1. Proud of you dad!

    1. Eddie says:

      Thanks my Bud

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