8 months today!

Today marks eight months that we have been full time in Charlie! It is hard to believe how quickly the time has gone. We have learned a lot and have more yet to find out, but I know that we would not change a thing! We love getting to see what we have seen and meeting the people we have met. We love living in a small space, having so little and therefore having so little to worry about. We love where we are, and then we love finding out what’s next.

Here is a map of our travels-with-charlie that we have done in our first eight months. One complete loop around much of the US and a stab into Canada. The trail begins at the dealership in Montgomery, Alabama (the green icon) and goes clockwise from there, going through Red Bay Alabama and on to where we are now, at Twin Fountains RV Park in Oklahoma City.

We have 8500+ miles in now. The marks on this map represent the different parks at which we have stayed. Walmart parking lots, Flying Js and other “non-park” overnight stops have been omitted.

Clicking on any of the markers gives more information (growing over time) about the park or area as well as a link to get directions in the event you would like to visit yourself.

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