Birthday with the Mister


This weekend we had a house guest. Not our first, but arguably our cutest. Friday evening, all day Saturday, Saturday night and the beginning of his birthday on Sunday, Liam stayed with us in Charlie. We fixed a light on our tow dolly, we made campfires, had s’mores, and ate corn on the cob. Sunday morning Mireille broke out her “waffle machine” and made him birthday breakfast waffles. Later that day we took him home, and Mireille and I got to visit with Doug’s family in celebration of Liam’s 9th birthday. We got to go sailing, ate a great dinner, which I classified as something of a “Summer Thanksgiving,” and had Birthday chocolate pie and watched Liam rake in the loot.

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  1. The Reynolds Place says:

    What a wonderful visit! These are the reasons for full-time traveling.

    1. Eddie says:


  2. Those shades are awesome on the little guy! Looks like a blast!

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