Tow Dolly

Sunday, December 3rd I drove to Arkansas to buy our tow dolly. I had been researching and asking questions regarding tow dollies a ton on I had settled on an Acme Eze-Tow with surge brakes because the ramps were not fixed and they seemed longer than some of the others. We are going to be towing Mireille’s 2011 Volkswagen GTI (Gretchen) and as much as she has babied that car I wanted to avoid scraping the front on the trailer when loading and unloading as much as possible. I figure the longer the ramps the less steep the incline the lower the risk of scratching Gretchen.




One evening I settled down to looking at RV forums and RV youtube videos when I noticed I had a private message on A fellow had what he claimed was a pristine, gently used Acme Eze-Tow for sale. The reason they were selling was that they now had a car they could tow four down. In addition to the dolly, the seller also had several extras, such as a spare tire, extra straps, a hand dolly for the dolly (a dolly dolly), extra ratchets, and some other accessories. After a little back and forth we settled on a price, and the next weekend I took off to Mountainburg Arkansas to pick the tow dolly up.

It was a beautiful day, a beautiful drive, and the dolly was everything promised and then some. I had a great time meeting Larry and Cassie, and look forward to seeing them again on the road. We got to know each other a bit, they showed me their coach, Larry walked me through the dolly and all the accessories, I gave him the money, and it was soon time to leave so as to avoid driving in the dark. Six hours round trip driving and two hours talking. I got a good deal, way less than had I purchased new, met some cool people and have a big prerequisite checked off our list.

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